Welcome to K-9 Waste Removal

Proudly serving the Peoria area

We want to be your partner in ensuring you have a clean, safe, and mess free yard. Hire us to do the dirty work, so you can relax and enjoy the time you spend outdoors without the odor or mess.

No need to ensure friends and family "watch their step" when spending time with you in your backyard; simply select one of our services to meet your pet and family needs.

Read on to learn more about our business and the services we offer, and please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to request discounts on packaging our waste removal services with River City Lawn Maintenance services. 

We're looking forward to working with you!


We offer a range of services at affordable prices and pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide.     


Initial or new Customer Cleanup Fee begins at $25.

5 or more dogs require custom pricing. 

Pricing assumes a 9000 square ft. or smaller yard.

Services are offered 41 weeks out of the year.  Winter services consist of a once monthly cleanup at a discounted rate.

We currently accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Refer a friend who signs up for weekly service and get $15 off your invoice.


1-2 dogs $20 per visit
3-4 dogs $25 per visit


1-2 dogs $30 per visit
3-4 dogs $40 per visit


1-2 dogs $50 per visit
3-4 dogs $60 per visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In what areas do you offer your services?
A: We are currently offering our pooper scooper services in the Peoria, IL, and Dunlap, IL, areas.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards and checks.
Q: How and when do I pay my bill?
A: Payment timing varies.  If you are setup for automatic withdrawl, your credit card will be billed between the 1st and 5th of each month, for that months services. For check payments, a bill will be mailed out between the 13th and 15th for your next months services.  Check must be received by the 1st. 
Q:Is there a contract?
A: No. You will have to sign a form once beginning our services to allow us to perform automatic billing with the payment method of your choice.  You may cancel your service at any time and we will discontinue the recurring billing we initially set up.
Q: How often do you come?
A: We offer various levels of service.  Please check out our Pricing List page for detailed information.
Q: What is your "Initial clean-up fee" for?
A: As most dog owners know, the longer between clean-ups, the more poop there is to be picked up.  If your yard has been well maintained within the last 7 days prior to our first visit, we will waive the initial clean-up fee.
Q: How do I know when my lawn has been cleaned?
A: We try to maintain a regular schedule with all of our customers.  Due to various reason, we may be unable to service your yard on the exact same day each time we visit.  To ensure you know we have been to your home, we will place a new flag in your yard at the end of our visit.
Q: Do you offer referral incetives?
A:  Yes, we do! If you refer a customer who signs up for weekly service, you will receive 2 free clean-ups.  If you refer a customer who signs up for every other week services, you will receive 1 free clean-up.
Q: Do you come the same day every week?
A: We strive to maintain a regular schedule, and will do our best to perform our services on the same day(s) each week.
Q: What happens if I go on vacation?
A: If your dog(s) will be gone durring this time as well, please provide us advanced notice (a minimum of 1 week) and we will skip your home durring that time.  We will provide you with a credit on your following bill for that visit.  If we are not notified in advance, a regular visit will still be performed and charges will occur as ussual.
Q: Do I have to put my dog(s) inside while you clean up the mess?
A: If your dog has a friendly temperment, and has had no past incidents, you may leave them in the yard durring our visit.  If your dog is territorial, or you are unsure of how they will react to our employees entering your yard, please keep them locked in a dog kennel or inside your home.  We want to perform our services with little disruption to you, but at the same time must ensure that our emplyees are safe while performing their work.
Q: Do you clean your tools after each house?
A: Yes we do.  We will wear new booties and gloves while cleaning your yard, that will be discarded once your yard is complete.  All other tools will be sanitized between each lawn.
Q: Why should I pay for this service?
A: The better question may be "Why wouldn't I pay for this service?" We will prevent that dreaded family dispute on who's turn it is to pick up the poo.  You will have yard free of "land mines" for your friends and family to enjoy. By using our services you will be able to better enjoy your lawn with a clean, odor free area.

Our attention to detail and quality will make us your top choice for keeping your yard clean. At K-9 Waste Removal, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations. We can't wait to meet you!